Aggregating and incentivising crypto micro-influencers.
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Introduction: What is Hashtagger?

Hashtagger is a crypto-community as a service platform.
Decentralization is a central tenet for cryptocurrencies, and one can't have decentralization without having a vibrant community to decentralize to. Thus, the size and the health of a cryptocurrency's community is an indicator of that currency's vitality and value.
Hashtagger provides a way for crypto-projects to acquire or strengthen their crypto-community by presenting themselves to the crypto-community of Hashtagger and, if the community likes what they see, then to incentivize them to spread the word about their particular crypto-project to the others in their network on the social media channels like Twitter.
Each week, there will be three regular ways for the user to earn rewards:

1. Through hashtag pools:

Hashtag pools are the pools where the users can submit their tweets that will be promoting a coin or a token specified in that pool. Initially the three kinds of hashtag pools present will be:
  • Hashtagger's native bounty pool
  • A community project bounty pool (selected by community voting each week)
  • Guest pools for our ecosystem partners.
For picking the community coin of the week, community can vote on the list of candidates, or submit a candidate themselves. That winning project will be selected based on a bidding mechanism that will be dependent on the number of community votes the project bid gets.
The crypto-project thus gets crucial exposure on social media among knowledgable crypto-investors. The community members, in return, get rewards in Hashtagger tokens calculated by a reward function based on their relative contribution towards the overall exposure and the amount of tokens placed in the bid by the crypto-project whose bid has been accepted that particular day.
2. Through Liquidity Provision: Users get rewarded for providing liquidity.
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